Friday, October 31, 2008

Right Wing Religious Wackos

Why do they always seem to be most noticable around election time? Did Jesus tell them the
Apocolypse supposed to take place on an election year and they're putting us all on notice?
And why are they all Republican?

Any forum I've been to lately each and every person who is an Obama hater claims to be a
good Christian. They're the first ones to bring up Senator Obama's middle name as if having a
Muslim name means he's a terrorist. They're the ones saying they're afraid to have a black
president because they think "the blacks will take over." They're the ones who are willing to
vote for a ticket that has a woman on it who was blessed against witchcraft! A woman, no less,
who claims to be a good Christian! I have to say though she is the personification of the
people I'm talking about. Not very intelligent, misleading, name caller, double talker and one
who thinks she's in on the joke when, in reality, she IS the joke.

They have no qualms about out and out lying and misquoting news articles. Well I guess since
a lot of them misquote the Bible, misquoting CNN is no biggie.

Why do they claim Senator Obama is evil? What's he done that's evil? He's married with
children. His family adores him. He's a brilliant man who has given back to his community.
He's more of a Christian than his opponent! I understand that not everyone agrees with his
politics but why do Christians go after him on a personal level rather than attacking his
policies? I can only surmise that they don't know his policies so they attack his race and his
name. Unfortunately closed minds don't come with closed mouths.

What happened to love thy neighbor? Let he without sin cast the first stone? Granted, my
Catholic school upbringing may be a bit rusty but from what I remember Jesus taught to love
and let God be the judge.

So the thorny crown asshat goes to you Christians who claim to love God and his son yet aren't
very Christlike.


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