Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Board Member of My Building

Everyone knows you're cheap. That's why you're always looking for someone else to foot the bill, namely the building. You make trouble for a new building going up next door by filing false claims against them. You fail to realize that these will be our neighbors and it would benefit you to be nice to them instead of being evil. Your pomposity far outweighs your intelligence so maybe you should check yourself.

You may not know it, but the other board members also think you're an asshat. They laugh at the fact that you were the one to push for the redecorating of the building and now you're the first to complain that there's no money left in the building's fund. That's what happens when you go $100k over budget. You don't show up for meetings because you know people are going to call you out on your shit. Everyone laughs because you're intimidated by another board member. I think what intimidates you is that she doesn't take your shit because you're wrong and she's right and she has no qualms about telling you so.

Your ass is as tight as your jaw. That's why you sound like Thurston Howel III, Lovey. You're so nosy that you had to join the community board so you can find out what's going on and dish about it. You're like an old yenta. But that's ok. One day you'll need something and nobody will be willing to help you out. Maybe you should stick to what you know and let professionals handle the rest.

Now go back to your hoarding in your filthy apartment and let everyone else be, Asshat.

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