Friday, October 3, 2008

Reborn Doll Mommies

Are you fucking kidding me? Have you seen these dolls? They're creepy to start with and the fact that grown women act as if they're real is just crazy. Something makes me think that the Claymates would go ape for this shit. One woman has over 600 of these dolls! They name them, dress them, put them in car seats and strollers. Some of them take them out with them. THEY TALK TO THEM! At least if they talk to plants, the plants respond. At $1000+ per doll their money would be better spent elsewhere like a charity that helps REAL children. As for wanting to feel a baby in your arms, go to your local hospital and volunteer to be a preemie holder for fuck's sake. I understand if you have a doll collection but to act as if they're real is just an asshat thing to do.

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