Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The "Colorblind"

When someone says, “I am color blind, I just don’t see color when it comes to people”, I want to slap them.

First, you are a fucking liar. We all SEE color, we may not judge someone based upon that color, but you see it, you are aware of it. To deny that someone you know or meet is a different race then you is to ignore part of who they are. Unfortunately in our society it is only the white folk who have the luxury of claiming colorblindness, because every black, asian, native, middle eastern person in this hilarious melting pot of ours knows all too well their color.

Second, look toolhole, to say you are colorblind, or are raising your children colorblind, or have a black friend because you are so damn colorblind, is really saying that you see all people as white. You see all “colored” people as being as good as white. So, you see the color, but you choose to erase it with your Caucasian colored glasses and paint them with the whitey brush. How generous of you.

Asshats of colorblindedness, please stop using terms like colorblind when it comes to race and start just accepting people (or not) for who they are. “Colorblind” implies you are still judging based on color, but are choosing to give the benefit of the doubt. While we’re at it, I better not hear you use the words, “reverse racism” either, or I will have to bitch slap an asshat.

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