Friday, February 13, 2009

The Know-It-All

know it all Pictures, Images and PhotosWe all have those people in our lives who know everything about everything. Pretty soon their words lose all meaning and every conversation just sounds like, “a bip bip bip bip bip”. At some point you can hold an entire conversation with them in your head, with you playing both parts, as their rhetoric is so predictable.

“You know what you should do…”

“What I would do is…”

“Why did you do that, what you should have done was…”

“If you ask me…”

“Like I always say…”

“Why don’t you try it this way…”

No topic is beyond their superior intellectual abilities and they are always ready to tell you just what you are doing wrong and why. They never see that there might just be more than one way to skin an asshat, so if you’re not doing it their way, you’re wrong! And never mind when you ask them for help, because then they are just too busy, and can’t possibly…you know the drill.

To those people who just have to be right about everything, I say to you, “Shut your hole!”

If you frequently use any of the phrases above, you just might be a Know-it-all Asshat. Check yourself!