Monday, November 10, 2008

Fertility Friends

So, the other day, I stumbled upon the Deliverance of blogs. I could hear the banjos playing and I ran for my life, but not before I had a good looky-loo around.

It appears that these women were once participants on a website called Fertility Friends and against all better judgment, some of these inbreds decided they needed to have more ignorant offspring. From what I gather, lots of people on the site felt that a few of them, namely this one woman, Teresa, shouldn't have more kids, and in fact, maybe they should drown the ones they have.

Well, Teresa Queen of Asshatery and her Ignorant Ladies in Waiting have been traveling the internet in search of support of their ill-conceived (pun intended) uterine science experiments. I won't pretend to know what the Ignorant Ladies in Waiting find appealing about this Teresa, because they actually seems like they can find their ass with both hands. Teresa not so much.

Here is a sample of the class and intelligence that is Teresa:

Yes, that is Teresa's grandson in the bottom picture. Yes, he is holding a real handgun. Yes, the caption of the picture says, "Thomas has a message for Obama".

These Ignorant Ladies in Waiting shouldn't be allowing all this hateful energy that is just OOZING off Teresa Queen of Asshatery. It can't be good for the environment in their wombs. Instead they should reporting this fuckwad to the F.B of I. Instead, like good little courtiers they follow Queeny where ever she goes and support her tom-toolery.

Ladies (Ignorant one of Waiting), I suggest you let Teresa run amok unsupported and once again allow positive energy to enter your life.

Teresa, you ma'am will forever reign as the Queen of all that is Asshat. My fervant hope is that you do have any more inbred asshat spawn to spread your message of douchebagery and hatred of all.

Enjoy the title sweetheart, you wear it well.

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