Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Sister-in-Law

You had more kids than you can afford. I guess, when you're on the state's dime, it's cheaper to keep having kids than use birth control. When your husband left you, you refused to file for child support stating that he loved his kids so much that he would send money. After two years of nothing, you finally filed. I guess you were too busy sitting around smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee to make it to the courthouse. Then when the court ordered him to pay a paltry sum per month for more than 4 kids, you said ok instead of fighting for more money for your children. This money wasn't for YOU but for them. So they never got to play little league, go to Girl Scouts, go on school trips, have nice things because you didn't want to be bothered getting off your ass to get what was due them.

Then when it came to college, you said they can do what they want. As a result, three of them dropped out of high school. Everyone of them could have gone to a good college FOR FREE because of the salary you bring home. Instead of showing them that education is the way out of poverty, you let them drop out of school and bought them cigarettes.

You took charity from family members. Some of us couldn't sit by and watch the phone turned off or the electric turned off so we helped out. And you took it as if it was owed to you instead of being humble and grateful. The only phone calls I've gotten from you in many many years is when you wanted something. And I always obliged. Open arms and open wallet. Yet I never got any other phone calls from you. Not even when my father died.

You sit and put others down because of choices they make in their lives yet you make the laziest choices in your life. When it comes to doing the right thing or the easy thing, you consistantly choose the easy thing. Which, as most of us know, is in the long run, the harder way.

Now your house is in forclosure because you didn't make the enormous payment of $500 a month. You own nothing. You borrow money from your newly adult children (actually have them take banks loans which you expect them to pay back) and tell them, "don't bring me home any lil brown grand babies" Nearing 50, you have nothing of value in your life. You, my dear, are an asshat.

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