Monday, September 29, 2008

Elisabeth Hasselbeck

I've been a fan of The View for many years. I've watched the Star Jones gimme-a-thon for her wedding, the departure of Meredith Viera, the fun and electricity that Rosie brought to the show. I've laughed quite a bit and, I hate to admit, shed a few tears during the run of this show. But I think I may have reached my breaking point and I'll tell you why.

In a word, Elisabeth. She annoys me to the nth degree. It's not because she's a way right Republican. It's not because she constantly misquotes Democratic politicians, to the point recently that Barbara Walters had to find the specific quote and correct her. It's not because she blindly follows the GOP without question. It's not even because she refuses to see fault with her party when it's painfully obvious to us all.

The reason I'm ready to hang up my View hat is because of Elisabeth's inability to see beyond herself. She cannot see that what may be right for her, may not be right for everyone else. That she feels that you should vote and think as she does or not do so at all. Her inabilty to empathize with anyone other than those who think like her is amazing to me. I never begrudge her her personal beliefs so why does she begrudge me mine?

The other day, on the show, someone used Joe Biden as an example. They said he's Catholic and believes that life starts at conception yet he's pro choice because he will not foist his personal beliefs on his constituants. Why can't she do the same? Why can she not remove her personal feelings from decisions that are being made for a nation?

I feel that she interrupts constantly to get her point across yet refuses to even listen to an opposing point of view. Isn't that what she was hired for? To listen to other women's point of view? I find her eye rolling and head shaking so disrespectful that it makes me wonder why one of the other women on the panel doesn't make mention of it.

I'd love for the program to replace her with a strong, intelligent Republican woman who can say "Hey this is how I believe and I respect and understand that you don't feel the same."
She really should go back to designing. Where she doesn't have to talk.

Cheers Elisabeth! You're my asshat for today!

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