Sunday, September 28, 2008


The pathological liar. You lie about everything from your fake claims of cancer to the state of your marriage. You tell everyone that you and your husband are seperated so you can garner sympathy and food stamps.

You've told people you had breast cancer but we know you didn't because we had a friend at the hospital you went to for your fake treatments who told us you were not being treated for cancer. You told people that Make a Wish bought your kids $500 worth of American Girl dolls and clothes but Make a Wish grants wishes only for dying children. Where'd you get the $500? Oh that's right. You probably stole it from the school kitty. We all notice that you make sure you do all the monetary collections for your kids classes and handle all the money at bake sales.

We know you weren't by Ground Zero on 9/11. The timing was off. And how could your then 2 month old child be emotionally scarred from an event she can't remember? You're the one who is intentionally scarring her so you can receive survivor benefits.

Oh and about you being a model in the 80s? You have to be taller than 5 feet. They don't hire people under five feet tall to model. Everyone also knows you're don't have hearing loss that you just say that so you can keep on collecting those disability checks. I guess the carpel tunnel claim didn't work out for you huh?

What you fail to realize is that, not only do we all know you're a liar, your children see it too. You're making them ashamed and making them feel as if they now have to lie to cover your ass. Way to go Mom!


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